Pre-Seasoned Nutree Smooth Cast Iron Skillet -10 Inches


At Nutreeware, We follow the belief that ‘what looks good, should also cook good’

We hope that you cook your family healthy, nourishing food. Our Cast Iron Products are natural and free from chemicals.

  • Material: Cast Iron, Type: Skillet,  Dimension: 1o Inches Diameter, Shape: Round with Handle, Weight: 2.8 Kg
  • It is Preseasoned and Natural Cast Iron Polished / Smooth Skillet
  • Gives Iron Boost to your food
  • Naturally Non Stick
  • Traditional and Chemical Free Pan
  • The thickness of iron makes it easy to retain all the nutrients

Tips for Usage and Care: Seasoning cast iron cookware from time to time is necessary. Just wash it, pat dry, apply cooking oil, and heat the pan. It will not only prevent rusting but also enhance the texture of the pan with every use

Cast iron cookware is can be used anywhere.

Use cast iron cookware on any kitchen stovetop, outdoor grill, or open campfire. Then take it straight to the table to serve.

Cast iron cookware can make almost anything.

Appams, grill steaks, sauté veggies, fry eggs, and bacon, bake a skillet cookie, and so much more with cast iron.

Cast iron cookware is strong.

Cast iron generally lasts a lifetime. Although cast iron is not indestructible, it can handle the heat and be used for all of your cooking adventures. Construction of the pan makes it absolutely easy to maintain and handle and gives you a healthy lifestyle.

Cast iron cookware is naturally nonstick.

We start the seasoning process for you in-house to help prevent sticking the first time you cook. With each use, you’ll see the performance get better and better.

Cast iron cookware is easy to use.

From start to finish, using cast iron is simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated

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